Zher the Zoo Yoyogi

Zher the Zoo

So a few days have gone by again, with never a dull moment
and my health is improving every day I’m in Japan.
HAPPINESS can do that to you…. you become physically well,
then more happy because the body is not in pain,
then less pain because you are happy,
and the good spiral is working it’s thing out to others!
Soon I might even be able to hop  that I will be  a totally healthy person?!
I have not been on any meds for 4 months now!!!

Anyway lets not talk about me and my happiness, but some of the
reasons for all this JOY!!

I want to go back to one such evening which was MONDAY night here in Tokyo,
Actually within walking distance from my home, at “Zher the Zoo”
close to Yoyogi station.
I really like this place. By now I have seen quite a few venues with different
capacities and and different pro’s and con’s.
“Zher the Zoo” has an interior design that feels taken care of, the bar is well
placed in the actual hall, yet not disturbingly close, there were tables spread
around and over all a cozy feeling to the place. Stage is wide, but floor area is
not very deep.

All music was good, but the true surprise came with a band named HOLICS
I wrote a little bit about them in a previous blog, and I was really happy to see
something so good that wasn’t expected.
When you are out there as much as I have been, it takes a certain
WOW kind of feeling to really get me going, and this band did just that…

Phoe-Lo looked at me, and I looked at her at the same time, our eyes just met
and we were  THUMBS UP with a nod and a silent YEAH!
How FUN!!
Same feeling as when we first saw Vagu*Project, or the first time I  heard hayatebune_ed
…of course not at all the same genre… none of these are…
but that’s a BEAUTY in itself!!
HOLICS has IT, that special IT, because they are unique, yet not an extreme
kind of uniqueness. They are musically skilled, and each individual carries
an enormous amount of charisma that spread in the room like sparkles of fire.
Pure JOY ! ✧ ✧ ✧
They played a comfortable mix of a familiar soundscape yet unique.
Bassist was radiating such happiness that just looking at him when he played
made me want to freeze the time and just stay in that SMILE for a
LOOOONG time..
a smile coming from sharing music and doing it very WELL!

Guitarist Boogie, very skilled and with that wonderful Japanese androgynous
that made me think of Hizaki… and yet unique again…
they have something that’s theirs alone!

Definitely will try to go and hear everything I can, as much as my schedule allows.
Their NEXT LIVE is February 14th
and I still don’t know whether I’m in Japan or not.
here is their web site with LIVE Schedule and other info


I sure hope I am here and not in LA that day, and I sure hope that the lawyer
I’m meeting next week, will help me know where I will be when ha ha

There is so much PINK SPIDER work to be done her the next months,
that I really don’t have time right now to leave Japan ha ha
LINK to hear them would be  on Myspace


Link to the venue is here:


Still KISS the WORLD….. they are ONE OF A KIND!!!

DIE-san and MAD-san rock and RULE….

If you come to Japan and don’t have much time at least make sure you make
it to a Live gig with DIE-san!!
I promise you, you just wont be disappointed!! 
DIE has that kind of personality that he can LIFT any audience into
a celebration of LIFE itself, and no matter how you felt when you came in
(such as like I was, a little fatigued) you will leave the evening feeling
and full of LIFE!
For more videos and photos from this evening please scroll a little here don’t be lazy…
Also if you really work it you can go back here on the blog to Dec 23 and see
a few vids from Club Sensation in Yokohama with DIE-san and Ra:IN and also
the wonderful guitarist CUTT.
Actually I know some of you are too lazy here is a quick link
but keep in mind if you have reached this page on a later date the link is
no longer valid since the page numbers are dynamic: You can however,
do a tumblr search, and search for ex ‘Ra:IN’

I will see CUTT again Jan 26th and Jan 27th and will come back with
reviews from there then.
and so….so a few links to the REASON I was there at all… 




for CUTTs schedule please visit: