YuI’s Will Power

YuI – Vocalist in Vagu*Project


YuI pulled together yet another great show for the audience  and this with pain in his back and neck! The will power of some of these musicians, the care and love for the audience, is amazing. Last week I went to see HeavensDust, and Shin (Vo) had a broken collarbone YET was up there on the stage and rocking it.
The only way to notice YuI was in pain, was that he did not headbang, nor did he jump as much as he usually does… but WOW YuI… Wow Vagu*Project!! you are still so awesome on stage!
This same night, at Meguro LiveStation, was Aresz and Back Fire.
Aresz, from Osaka, are long term pro’s that has been on the rock scene since 1997 , but personally I think Vagu*Projects LIVE skills and entertaining charisma from the stage makes ANY other band pale in comparison, even a great band such as Aresz!

Photo: “hidemika”  Photo edit: Me