11 20 20 11

YOSHIKI in focus  Today IS 11 20 20 11
and it is his Birthday

Don’t we all long for another photo shoot with Acchan though?!
These guys might not be young anymore, but sitting here by
my computer with all the editing tools, I feel like it’s TIME
to see some funky, fun photos again!

Personally I would like to see these particular two guys
together again…
BETTER yet I would like to see them on stage together!!
What a Dream LIVE
Violin and guitar: Sugizo
Grand Piano: Yoshiki
Vocals: Atsushi Sakurai
Drums…hmm tough one if Yoshiki is on the piano LOL
but I like for example Ryichi Nishida or Sakura on drums


Oh and December 8th and BUCK-TICK is coming up.
I’m prepping myself mentally….