just had to share this with you

WOW!! @HAYATEBUNE_ed – just had to share this before going to bed!

Amazing isn’t he??

I had an amazing day and will go to bed feeling like I’m in paradise!

Lunch with HRK-san in Shibuya, meeting with Vagu*Project together with my wonderful friend Naoshi-san who helped translate Lot’s of love and gratitude to him for doing the draining work of translating!
Then a night at a favorite bar in Shimokitazawa with friends!! Thank you dear Nao-san, Naoshi-san and Phoe-Lo-chan

…and then when I got home it didn’t stop… I had a wonderful chat with an awesome person via Facebook.. and then now right before going to bed I got an email in my inbox from Youtube about hayatebune’s upload…
LOVE this!! LOVE Japan!!
So much LOVE in my heart that I will sleep very, very well!
THANK YOU All wonderful people who made this day such a beautiful gift!