I feel so filled with life after seeing him and MADさん on stage!
Brain must surely have produced tons of good stuff tonight,
because I’m convinced I must be in a musical paradise of fun times.

To do what I do, and I do a lot of it lately, makes me sometimes drag
my feet out the door… It’s not that I think it will be yet another loud night,
or yet another band to hear..
Tonight I knew it was going to be great to hear KISS the WORLD.
but I sure didn’t know a thing about the other bands… so… yeah…

I must admit I wasn’t really keen on leaving my house today at all.
What pushed me over was the fact that I didn’t want to miss KTW,
and second I had no good excuse to give to Phoe-Lo, friendship
commitments are important!
And lastly the Venue “Zher the Zoo” is within walking distance from my
I went!
Not really thinking a lot or expecting much.

Also biggest surprise, that Ru-chan must have sensed, because
she said to me:
Anna, you never know…
and guess what, I ‘found’ another band that was a real WOW tonight.
I want to check them out as soon as I can….
It was like seeing Kiyoharu performing with BUCK-TICK with a
Hizaki guitarist and a bassist as eye candy.

Their sound was awesome! I really liked it, and they had a slow ballad in
the end.. that was world class!

PINK SPIDER you work in mysterious ways
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