Where on the web….

Where on the web is the Pink Spider?

well… working takes time….

I’m working on a huge project that we for now can call 
“The Pink Spider Web Business Department”  ha ha 

That is also the reason why I’m hiding out in Sydney, Australia. I noticed that when I was in Japan, my time is so filled with LIVE gigs and networking, running around and  I just had a hard time to imprison and straddle myself to the chair, and do what must be done: the somewhat more boring part of the business. 
in USA same problem but different reason… family and friends and having no real place to work from… no home… so well here I am:

The good news are that the business is progressing and the business is now registered in the US and is on its way. 
On top, or rather I should say on the side of, the major enterprise project,
I have a few side projects. 

One such side project that I’m working on is a smaller project, which came about due to a chat I had with a woman from the American Chamber of Commerce in Tokyo. I’m preparing a presentation that I will hold there probably some time in May. So if you are i Tokyo at that time I think you will be able to register and come. I will find out more about how that works.
I will talk about Project Methods and Team Work tools for businesses and entrepreneurs online.

I still feel very strongly that Our Dear Pink Spider, hide-sama, is guiding me and everything seems to unfold in a beautiful and wonderful way without me knowing everything that will happen. 
Life is truly amazing!
I am also so grateful to all the wonderful support I get from around the globe.
You guys are amazing – THANK YOU! 

I will reveal more about my projects shortly….give it another week or so… (^.-)