Where am I NOW?

Some friends and blog readers made me aware of that they are a little ‘lost’ in time because of the chronological mess on the blog!
For example I have posted pictures from when I left Japan June 5th at Narita and yet now there are videos from Gifu and Nagano prefectures….
My apologies!
I started the blog in Japan in chronological order, meaning ONE DAY at the time and in order as they happened, BUT.. then…
then I lost bandwidth sometimes, had no signal at all sometimes, no wi-fi access etc etc
and videos or posts got delayed, as for ex with the time in Kyoto,
and I felt I still wanted to stay in touch,  so I skipped over sometimes and will revisit them at a later time.
Blogs are a little confusing also, in that IF you read TOP > DOWN  like one would naturally want to do, you get everything backwards time-wise… meaning LAST things first on top of each page, and that can be confusing in itself.

SO now back to basics: WHERE am I NOW?
I am at HOME now today Thursday JUNE 16th at 18.50/6.50 PM local time (which is Mountain time in the US) !

I got back LATE last night from Florida.
Yes, that is correct I have been to Florida too.
I flew from Narita, Japan  to Los Angeles, USA
and there I stayed and rested some before I went on
and flew to Orlando, Florida.

NOW I just got back home and I am blogging about events in Japan.
The blog is presently from around June 1st,
so I have a few more FANTASTIC days to blog about…
The bus ride through the mountains from Takayama to Matsumoto.
From there train back to Tokyo, aavisit to Asakusa and the Senso-ji temple.
Then a FUN night out with two Japanese fellows and the last day in NIRASAKI with some awesome walks in the town and the FABULOUS EVENING at the Nirasaki Bunka (Culture) Hall with TMR!!
Hope this explained a little about the chronological disorder.