Traveling Alone

When you travel and spend a lot of time alone, in a place where it is more than difficult to communicate with other people, you tend to start to be aware of your thoughts a lot!
One can finish thoughts, have long threads of thoughts that can last for days (without much interruption), and over all loneliness is not a problem,
but talking out loud to one self can be ha ha
No, but seriously I didn’t realize, or anticipate this being a consequence of going with a rail pass on your own to Japan, without knowing any Japanese…
Well maybe I had given it a brief moment of consideration before I left,
like :
I look forward to have some time on my own, because I want to figure out
a few things, and maybe have time to think creatively on how to go about solving some serious life troubles!
Thinking time ..never interrupted by daily chores,
Never interrupted by dialogues,
Just Alone… with one’s own thoughts.
I’m not a sad person by nature.
I tend to always try to find good things to focus on,
and be happy that I’m so fortunate in life, that I am still alive,
BUT I have not been content with ALL parts of my life,
and I felt that maybe the trip could, through time alone,
give me some peace and quiet,
and TIME to thinks things over…
And oh yes, I got a lot of that: TIME!!
and I cherished every moment of it!
Loud thoughts… Amazing experience …
I came to a few…  well maybe not conclusions,
because who knows where the END is?
But my thoughts led me in a few different directions,
and one of the recurring themes was:
“I CAN” , I am ABLE to…
And I should not be stopped by internal fears!
Fears didn’t use to be even part of my personality make-up,
and I should not FEAR my future
even if I need to change a few very BASIC Foundations!
I should trust my ABILITY and go ahead and DO!
Looking at a grave yard, death comes very close up ,
and impermanence is a truth,
meaning I must do what my intuition tells me and not harbor any fear!