Grateful that I Can!

When I’m not blogging what am I doing?
As you know I am actually back in the US when I’m posting lately from the trip. Post-posting maybe it should be called LOL
The trip to Japan was more than just a trip to a foreign country where I have never been before.  It was also a decision, before I left, to prove to myself that I could do this, I am able to do it on my own.
If I have a goal, then I set my mind to it, and I DO IT!!
What I didn’t realize was that during the trip, mostly because of ALL THE TIME ALONE, I had time to think, and think a lot, and during the biggest Eureka moment of all (at Miura Reien cemetery) a new idea popped into my mind.
This past winter I had several cardiac issues, and my heart even stopped beating a couple of times. For those of you who know me well this is no surprise, that I am sick in periods ever since I was a very young child. However, I just felt that the walking everywhere in Japan was such a rewarding and deliberating experience that I wanted to continue when I got back home to the US. Since I am now able to!!!
Grateful that I CAN walk, I should continue the habit/
In Japan I walked a lot, sometimes 2-3 hours in a row,
and at times even a lot more!
Then it shouldn’t be a problem to continue walking now when I have the momentum…?!
However, right now in the end of June, the weather is very, very hot and lingering around +100F/+38C give or take a few degrees.
Walking is NOT something you want to do outside!
So I settled for the boring but necessary alternative… the gym and the tread mill.
Actually I don’t feel it boring at all.
Once I feel my heart rate and aerobic condition has improved I hope to be able to start some kind of more fun activity, maybe dancing again?
Hide inspired the shoe laces…
I will
I can
I am doing it
walk walk walk
and be grateful that I can!