Welcome Julia!

(English will follow below)

The Pink Spider Webから、新しく加わったアシスタントについてご紹介します!
ジュリアは、The Pink Spider Webと一緒にTogether両方において活躍してもらう予定です。

彼女はあらゆる音楽に興味を持っていますが、中でも好きなのは、 Nightwish、Vorchaos、MIYAVI、the GazettEです。彼女はアンナ(PSWの創設者)が彼女を教えるすべてを喜んで学びたいと思っており、日本の音楽シーンをもっと理解していけることをとても楽しみにしています。

The Pink Spider Web is happy to announce a new assistant!
Julia (ジュリア) will work both with The Pink Spider Web and
Her primary duties will include web design, social media management, photography and video editing, as well as general admin chores. A sparkling Welcome to Julia Meek.

Julia comes from Portland, Oregon, USA
She is currently a student to Temple University Japan.
She is studying Communication Studies (major) and Business (minor).
She’s spent most of her life heavily involved in theater, both on and off stage.
But her true passion is music!
One day she hopes to become an artist manager and bring Japan’s music to the world.
She has many favorite music interests, but a few of her favorites include Nightwish, Vorchaos, MIYAVI, and the GazettE. She’s excited to learn everything Anna (the PSW founder) has to teach her and is excited to explore more of Japan’s music scene.