L’ Arc~en~Ciel Anniversary

Wasn’t allowed to take photos during the L’Arc~en~Ciel concert at Ajinomoto stadium, so this is after it’s over.
I have never been so WET in my life. I do remember Pink Floyd in Gothenburg, Sweden 1994 as a very very WET one, but to go to a concert where umbrellas are not allowed during the peak of a typhoon, sitting at a roof-less arena without rain coat for 5 hours …. It’s just plain nuts!!!
BUT guess what??? After the show L’Arc announced a new WORLD tour!!!
To celebrate the 20th anniversary, and besides Japan,  they announced  tour dates this fall and winter for China, Bangkok, Taiwan, London, Paris as NEW YORK!!!! Yay!!!
I still cannot really blog much, but wanted to tell the world about this!
Tomorrow I’m heading out in the rain again to go to Yokosuka and Miura Kaigan and visit hide’s grave.
Craziness abundant!!!