Walking in Japan

I’m sitting at Starbucks in Lakeland, Florida in this very blogging moment,
and just tweeted with Ana in Spain about ‘walking’.
I really appreciated being able to walk everywhere when I was in Japan!
Regardless of where I was, in Shibuya, Tokyo or when I walked all the way from
the Ueno station to the Sensoji, the famous temple in Asakusa
In Nirasaki, Yamanashi perfecture I walked for 4hrs., in a blasting sunshine,
just to locate the hall where TMR was going to play.
Passing through villages, or small towns or in enormous Tokyo, I walked EVERY day!
Now after two days in the US, I start feeling locked up and frustrated already!
Coming back to US, I expected a small reverse cultural shock, but I didn’t expect this feeling, or should I say ‘realization’,  that it’s more like coming go a HALT,
after 3 weeks of exploring and using my body every day!
The United States is made for cars, and walking is not really part of one’s life,
unless you live in a very small town where you can walk to the store,
or you live in the core of a BIG city.
Now I will continue blog about that magic Monday (may 30th) when I went out to
Miura Reien to pay tribute to hide – 松本 秀人 Matsumoto Hideto or hide ヒデ for short.