VoRCHAOS and PSW ‘chaos’…



April 27, 2013 ….

I had looked forward to this Live gig ever since I came back to Japan in the beginning of April.

VoRCHAOS are very special to me!

☆彡  ★彡  ☆彡  ★彡       ☆彡

Their music is great, they are skilled (and I know I have written about this many times here on the PSW blog), but also they sent messages to me when I was at the hospital, when I was in pain and during my recovery in the US.
I’m so deeply grateful for THEIR Support and Cheering!
Thank You – Kaz, Jun, Fuji, Yuzo, and USHI !

Now it was finally time to go see them …
at a place where they are at their BEST and so very special….
and at 吉祥寺Crescendo

but .. and now I feel a bit ashamed, I had no glasses (reason to be found in the previous blog post)….
no glasses = no vision..
no vision = not a good idea to take photos or video…
hence the second half of this blog post title… Pink Spider Chaos


of course then, this was their BEST LIVE ever… well the best one I have ever seen…
(They had lives when I was away so I can’t say of ALL their live gigs)

Such a great SHOW… so fired up, so with it… they nailed it!
All the way including USHI’s stage dive!

There are Sound Cloud listening tracks with VoRCHAOS a few blog posts below..
YES, just scroll down a bit on the blog… OK?!
and they have been really good at updating their Facebook page as of lately..
Please visit them at:

don’t be too sad about my mess up… I did get to see VoRCHAOS again at ANTIKNOCK only a few days later..

AND Yes, at that time I was reunited with my glasses
AND … Yes, I did take video and photos…so
YES there will be a Blog post coming up with content from that evening including photos (by Laura Cooper) from Myproof who also played that night.

Another great thing with this special night at Crescendo was that I got the chance to see
‘兀突骨 Gotsu-Totsu-Kotsu’ and ‘Thousand Eyes’
I like both these bands a lot!


This Live at Crescendo was SOLD OUT!
which made me really happy because such gigs like these
Actually they could probably all have been at an even bigger stage
and still be SOLD OUT…

but well …I’m happy they weren’t at a bigger stage, because I like the intimacy at the Live House Stages.

The close up ‘communication’, the ‘connectedness’, one feels with the musicians,
with other people in the audience and with the MUSIC itself … being right there…
and not through some giant loud speakers and watching the band on some giant screen…

It’s them, they play, and I can feel the vibe with all my senses
their presence is so very immediate

Lucky me will get to see 兀突骨 Gotsu-Totsu-Kotsu very soon again…

June 3 they will be on with another great band:



And those of you in Europe are in luck, because Gotsu Totsu Kotsu is coming over to you in Septemeber.

Take a look at the trailer:

I know by now, you are asking me,
“OK so how about the other bands that night?”
“‘CrossVein‘ and ‘Screaming Love Hole‘?
They were good too. I have seen Cross Vein before and they are a great band on stage, just not…..
maybe my personal favorite kind of sound.
But hey, as I mentioned here below… this blog is for you all to discover and explore Japanese bands,
and make your own opinions, so please vist their online habitats.
CrossVein is definitely worth the ticket price and definitely a pleasure to see on stage…



Hope you found something you like and want to hear more from…

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