Back in Vientiane

Back in Vientiane. Almost out of Lao currency and 4 hours to
kill before the bus leave. The afternoon heat is intense today,
BUT before I toasted my brains totally I realized that the guest house
where I stayed has a cafe with free wi-fi.
So here I am …
Every time I think I won’t have Internet access for a while, it pops up
again. However on the bus I know there is none,  and I will spend
14 hours on that bus down to Bangkok.
This trip has had it’s fair share of issues, but knowing that I will have
special X-memories will last me the rest of my life!!!
The last issue now beside the no food thing, is the fact that I won’t
be passing Khon Kaen on my way back,  and I left some very
important items there, in my friend Pacharaporn’s (aka Poob) house.
All I can do now is hope that she will have the kindness to send it to
me in Tokyo.