Vagu*Project LOVE

Vagu*Project’s BEST LIve… (that I have been at) ever!!

My heart is so full with feelings and thoughts that I would like to convey to you somehow… 
About leaving Japan, well I have a ticket booked to return April 7, but leaving is leaving and  it did stir up a lot of painful emotions.
About my last days in Japan and what I and Phoe-Lo did.
About friendship, almost like sisterhood
About MUSIC… or more specifically about Rock in Japan
About PASSION and LOVE for the people I have met, the MUSIC some of them make, and the FIRE of happiness for being ALIVE and really enjoying it sooooo much!

… and of course about Vagu*Project.…who had a gig the very last night I spent in Japan this time… a gig that was just AWESOME on sooo many levels….
However, the one thing that did not go my way, and I wont whine a lot about this or repeat it, is that for once most of my visual came out ok, but this time the audio totally messed up.
Probably for the following reasons, I did not double check the recording volume beforehand which I have been lazy about lately..
Second, the Thumb Up LIVE house had a louder standard average than most places me and Phoe-lo been to, or well it could have been the genre and music played as well or a mix of both…
and last but not least..
I stood pretty close to the loudspeaker, and the stage, this night. I wanted to feel so close up and engrave every facial expression, every glance, every detail from this gig, and keep it in my memory for the whole time, until I will be able to see them again.

Last gig Jan 31 (at Ruido K4), wasn’t really a disappointment, I wouldn’t go that far, because THEIR Performance was all ok, but the whole night just didn’t go well from the get go, and I could ONLY HOPE that this evening wouldn’t be a recap of that night.

Luckily it did not happen, instead the evening at Thumb Up felt really good and the starting band started really dramatic with a lit candle on stage and well they were good and according to Phoe-Lo the vocalist rather quite entertaining and funny and he was flanked with two really good musicians so yeah this looked promising…
I cannot now after my flights find where I put the list of order the bands came in, so I’m sorry I will have to get back to you with their name.
I wish live houses could put up links to performing bands homepages or similar or at least make sure the order on schedule page is what really came about…
talking about links here is theirs:

I cannot tell you why they mean so much to me. It is not just the music, it’s not ONLY the amazing natural behavior and skillful entertaining they put up, it is not the fire in their smile or eyes alone… it’s the WHOLE packaged deal!
So naturally good vibes..and after the gig we managed to get a short chat with them before we had to rush to the train station in Kashiwa (quite a way to go from the Narita hotel I stayed at the last night).

I wanted to give them something, so I gave them a framed photo collage with photos I have taken from all the LIVEs since the one when I saw them October 28th after Seremedy. I have been to all but one, which was due to a schedule clash.
Since I arrived in Japan in September I have seen MANY other bands/musicians that I like…LOVE even… and that I will do my best to spread the word about across the globe: lix, HeavensDust, Kiss the World, Ra:IN, Solitude, Mad Beavers, grace period, Aresz, Rubik,X-Japan, Sugizo Solo, Juno reactor, Hammersmith, CUTT, TMR, Abingdon Boys School, Dragon Ash, Miyavi … to name a few… but well as you all must be aware of by now…
Vagu*Project has a special place because it is a band that I stumbled across that touched my heart.
The framed photo collage, which I will show at a later time because of the fact that I will use it for fundraising, will be printed on PostCards with link to their more internationally functioning website (also in English that is) and to their Facebook and blogs.
These guys deserve a one man show and I want to do everything I can to help them make that happen. I hope you all, or at least a few of you can share this goal with me, and SUPPORT them emotionally as well as financially with buying their music and going to their LIVEs!
They seemed to be happy and the whole, abeit short, farewell-see-you-in-April, made me leave with a SMILE inside, and it also felt as if I could now leave with a CONTENT feeling, and not crying or miserable.
They are three very special people; sincere in what they are doing and straightforward in their attitude about their love for what they do.
There is absolutely nothing fake about these guys.
The set list for the evening (from Ryo-san’s ameblo blog)
Enjoy this best at a tad lower volume than normal….

Set list