Lunacy – Today is Today










Vagu*Project ….TOMORROW…. 明日

but first TODAY … 今日

A thinking day…..

A walking day….

and I walked for a long time!
Makes me a little annoyed at myself that I don’t even have all the
photos up from my last walk Wednesday December 7
That Wednesday, I walked  from home in Sangubashi to Shinagawa
station. A distance of  8.4km/5.2 miles,  if you walk straightest possible,
which I certainly did not)

The major topic in my mind while I walked –
What am I doing with my TIME?
 and am I doing what I ought to be doing
with it?…. what is ‘ought to’ anyway?

Second topic was a regarding olfactory input…
which topic is more complex?
OK so I walked also today.
My intention was to get up early and use the time, so that I would
walk in daylight.

Now with ‘early’ I might not mean same ‘early’ as some of you do,
but I was hoping for a 10:30 am, or possibly 11 am shower and breakfast,
and then head up to Ueno Station around noon for a war with
the ticket machine (that I was determined to win together with
my ally Phoe-Lo)!!
Then walk back home for a decent return time around 16:00 o’clock (4PM)

Well that did not go all that well ha ha ha
bit I do commend myself for good intentions ha ha
Last night was a lunar eclipse, and as the lunatic I am,  I was up,
and actually I did go to bed around 3 AM , still with good intentions,
but for the first time in a very long time I could not sleep.
My mind was wired, and wide awake!!
I did not drink coffee late, not even Red Bull!
I wasn’t worrying, and I could breathe just fine, so no asthma attack either.
My pulse was even regular (decent behaving heart…
and I wasn’t having a lot of thoughts… but still..
…just lay there staring up at the ceiling (or where I thought the ceiling
might be… couldn’t really see much in the darkness) …
Usually I just say “Good Night Dear” to myself, turn off the light,
close my eyes, and sleep within seconds…. or less….
but not last night…..

Update written 2017:
Ever since I came to Japan it seems that I have become increasingly
by the moon, and more often than not, I cannot sleep much
during full moon.
A day or so before until a day or so after peak time, I’m just wired.
Often I’m not aware of the lunar cycle, well not always anyway, until
I start having issues with falling asleep and often also cry.