Let the Love Shine

Vagu*Project January 8, 2012

YuI gone again … snatching glasses from someone in the audience…
I never meant to upload nor blog this..
I did it for “The Priestess”, because we were discussing how YuI got hold of
the glasses he uses right before fireating
It is NOT his glasses!!
You cannot really see WHEN he does it..
you actually cannot see HIM at all LOL

I thought first he snatched them to use as protection …
BUT if you look carefully he actually takes them OFF while blowing the fire,
so THIS video is what happened shortly before..

YuI is out in the Audience  as he loves to do… just jumping out there
and interacting super closely and very tactile with everyone.

So why did I post it here anyway…. because I was on Facebook when one of
the lovely  Vagu*Project INTERNATIONAL Roadworkers popped up
and wrote to me:

Anna, Vagu*Project are truly Awesome!

so I told him that right now there is one more video up just for the night…
I will take this down in the morning.
Then he responded in Swedish-

Ta inte bort den! Kärleken i vagu skiner igenom kvalitetsreduceringen
den är ett fint vagu exempel!
and I translate –
No don’t take it down! The Love in vagu shines thru the poor (video) quality.
It is a nice vagu example!

So of course with those beautiful words from someones’s heart directly
without passing a rational critical brain, I just had to upload the video here as well!!

ENJOY the LOVE from Vagu*Project and let their LOVE shine on YOU!!

The link for the Vagu*Project International Road Workers >