Doing their thing

Vagu*Project doing their own thing

It is Japanese Visual Kei, but their own take on punk and really their
own thing!
Really fun to be there,  even though I always end up having a slight
pain in the neck and headache the next day ha ha ^^
I think I like them for this, that they do their own thing,
They stand out!
After seeing so many LIVE HOUSE gigs, many bands start to blur
and fade in my memory, and you cannot really tell them apart.
Who is who again?
NOT so with Vagu*Project!
They have their style, they don’t wear midriffs to attract girls,
I mean the audience (which often when males on stage means girls in
the audience and vice versa).
They come in, play and do their thing!
They smile, and have fun, and they can handle their instruments.
To sum it up: they rock the stage!
Now this video and performance is punkish
So don’t expect some pretty packaged Visual Kei with glitter and
cuteness, because this is not it…
This is more like music project, and I’m thrilled to see what will come next
from these talented charismatic guys.
Their recordings is a tad uneven, or even amateurish,  I must admit,
but so far I love most of it and that’s pretty good statistics for any band
in my book!!
If you have liked them on Facebook and found that you like to hear more
please email me!
They have recorded:.
The album “Vagu*Project” with  6 songs
and a single with  2 ‘Alice’ and ‘C Over’