My Vagu*Project Anniversary

Vagu*Project  ANNIVERSARY !!!

A year ago October 28, 2011 I went to Urawa Narciss. It was the first time in my life I saw Vagu*Project on stage! I still remember it so very very well and in detail.
How I immediately took them right into my heart; How they had that early X Japan vibe.. not necessarily in style but something about their charisma…. the way they sparkled of passion on stage.  How taken I was by YuI-san’s escapades out in the audience….    Ryo-san’s jokes on stage and heartwarming laughs and smiles; Shinya-san’s guitar playing that had (and still has) that hide-vibe….
Tomorrow,10-31 Halloween, it’s time to see them again and I’m still in LOVE!!!
♡ ♡ in LOVE with them, with their music and with their charisma on stage! 
This is what I wrote about them after my first encounter with them October 28, 2011

♡ ♡ 

These guys were pros on stage! 
They worked it, they knew their stuff, they had skills 
and they used all of it to GIVE a splendid SHOW!

This is what I LOVE so much with many of the Japanese bands, if not all; 
they are there for the AUDIENCE , not for their own sake! 
They are there to take out their HEART and GIVE it to the audience!! 
Visual Kei all the way for the FUN
for the SPECTACLE , for the mutual JOY!!
and WOW did these guys know HOW!! 
Vagu*Project YOU ROCKED!