Vagu*Project a year ago….


A year ago there was still no information in English about them to be found anywhere. After the October 28, 2011 Live at Urawa Narciss, I went on my little South East Asia trip to see X Japan, and to meet friends in the SE Asia region. When I got back to Japan, I and my friend Shingo-san spent a week searching online, even for some information in Japanese. Eventually we did find them! I went on another Live with them, and another one, and another one….
and by then the LOVE was a full bloom and I had a PASSION for Vagu*Project!

I so wanted to share this beyond the blogging about them, so in the end of December we started the Vagu*Project Facebook Page. If you still aren’t part of this awesome group come join us!! ‘LIKE’ the page and be part of the Road Workers who want to make an international way for these AWESOME Japanese Rocking entertainers. They are down to earth, very passionate about what they do and very easy to fall in LOVE with!!!

and yes LOL on the sign outside of Narciss you can read the reason as to why I happen to be there that night… the Swedish VRock band “Seremedy” was there and I wanted to check them out while they were playing here in Tokyo. (^.-) Vagu*Project came on stage right after….