Uli Jon Roth

 Uli Jon Roth….  (Please click on the images for some reason tumblr enlarges them)

why am I posting  random photos of Roth? ..because this image of him and his hat and the coat, suddenly popped up in my mind…Maybe the Tokyo Tapes (Scorpions Live recording during Japan tour 1978) was lurking around too… LOL

Must say that Bijyomaru better looking than Roth though 😉 …and his hat is way more elaborate too LOL

oh have and you heard Scorpions doing Kimi Ga Yo (not included in Tokyo Tapes though) Kimi Ga Yo 君が代 is the nationa l anthem of Japan….

 think  must ask Sakagawa-san about this… not sure if he knows, if it is on purpose or just a mere coincindence… or just me ….