CYCLONE at 新宿LiveFreak

Turbines Drive, 美女丸BAND and CYCLONE

CYCLONE  blog continued about the 3 MAN LIVE at 新宿 Live Freak June 2, 2012

As I wrote below … Phoe-Lo and I came to Live Freak this night because of 美女丸BAND. I was really excited about hearing Sakagawa on guitar! Regarding the others… I had only heard OF the band name CYCLONE before, never heard them play, but never even heard of Turbines Drive.

During Sakagawa’s performance Phoe-Lo and I noticed a blonde gaijin guy on the hall floor, and both of us were surprised to see another gaijin there. it doesn’t happen too often at LIVE houses and smaller venues. The only exception might be during grace period’s Lives because YOU (grace period’s bassist) is rather active on twitter, facebook and other global social media.  Little did we know that this particular gaijin was CYCLONE’s Vocalist Belgian J.C. Duvivier.

In style CYCLONE resembled more the first band, Turbines Drive, than Sakagawa’s band, but these guys were however one level up least…when it came to the actual performance. Guitarist Yasumitsu Shimizu pulled nice solos one after another, and  I was a little annoyed at myself for being on the other side of the stage and I couldn’t really look at his playing up close.

On the other hand, I had the joyful advantage of standing in front of Keyboardist Shinichi Itakura and bassist Hiroyuki Odachi, and I really enjoyed seeing them play. Itakura was actually rather cool to watch, as it sometimes looked as if there was magic involved, and his fingers did their thing, while he at the same time could look at the band members or at the audience. He reminded me a little bit of the way Daisuke Asakura plays.. like .. ‘this is soo easy and i just hover my fingers over here and they do their thing.and it comes out just perfect’.

Odachi-san was in my opinion the one who made best contact with the audience and who was looking like he really enjoyed playing the bass. Smiling and playing.. that’s the way it should be on stage! Well done you, Odachi-san!

J.C. (Vo.) talked and sang in English which was really a new experience, as I’m used to not understand much of what is being said. he obviously knows some Japanese though because now and then he did say a few things in Japanese….

CYCLONE has their own web site here:

and you can listen to them on Myspace here:

Other than that, as you might hear in the video with CYCLONE below. Sound was ok but you know I am too picky for my own good… so well, I did not think the mixing was optimal. The vocals sounded detached somehow and did not get the fullness his voice could have made use of. Actually sound quality fluctuated a tad almost as if there were different people in at the mixer table. The bass drowned at times and overall the sound didn’t get the ‘togetherness’ that would have made their performance even better. It actually did improve over their time on stage, or maybe it was because everything improved over their time on stage. the audience ended up being more and more excited and I found it hard to believe it was the same people who were there in the beginning of the evening. (read a few posts below this one).

if the MUSCAL Quality went UP ….What went the other direction was however the temperature, and no I don’t mean that the temperature dropped… the Air QUALITY went down.  During TURBINES DRIVE we were freezing and I was cursing the fact that I hadn’t even brought my jacket. the suddenly the A/C seemed to totally stop… and by the time CYCLONE went on stage the hall was boiling. No air, and very hot.  Obviously there are many things that need to work well for that smooth experience at a live gig. I had never given temperature that much thought before. Air quality yes, because it is often smokey, but temperature is often rather ok, and if you are too warm, it’s usually because you have one too many layers on and not because the temperature in the hall is like in a Sauna. There were more people in the end –  definitely! it seems like most of the audience had come to see CYCLONE play. 

I want to hear them again as well as 美女丸BAND … and yes of course I want to hear the night’s overall winner… 氏神一番  I soooo want to hear that AWESOME voice again and see the completely breath taking Kabuki outfit… That was a treat way beyond what even picky me would expect at a show!

THANK YOU ALL artists for doing this, for going to rehearsals, for playing at steaming stages, and for doing your very BEST… it is appreciated!