Latitudes and Fuzz

TOKYO…. 東京

How I love this place, how it has entangled me in its

I live here NOW,
PINK INK BLOT indicates more exact location,

I’m a map nerd… and right now I am at

35.67814548626268 N LAT

139.692964553833 LONG

As a latitude comparison this is not too far off from
Albuquerque, NM, USA 35.0853° N
or Los Angeles, CA  34.0522° N
but Stockholm is a lot further north  … 59.3293° N
and so is London, UK 51.5074° N
and Paris, France 48.8566° N
New York City is getting closer but North 40.7128° N
Malta is about the sam 35.9375° N
which means that even Rome is North of Tokyo 41.9028° N
I find this so fascinating… the world and how we perceive it
Kathmandu, Nepal for example is South of Tokyo 27.7172° N
Tehran, Iran, is almost the same as Tokyo 35.6892° N
as is Kabul, Afghanistan,  34.5553° N

Ok enough with my nerdiness….
Often though I pinch myself….
am I really here?
From way up there in the North (Sweden)
I lived many years in the USA and I feel like
I am a spider looking at my web
which now is spun in Tokyo…. Japan

My web of interactions and relationships
of good vibes and total failures.

This fall, these past 4-5 months, has been so special to me
and walking in this huge city is one of the best things of all!!
The parks, the buildings, the people, the art that is within everything
the ART that is self-created…
How I want to continue to breathe this inspiration and


How I  desire, that this is where I will continue to spin my web….

Then of course now and then make a jump… a giant leap somewhere
and I still have HEARTS and LOVING FEELINGS that I have dropped,
but not forgotten around the world…
In Sweden, in USA, in Germany, in Thailand, in Vanuatu, in Switzerland,
in Spain, in Colombia, in Taiwan…. to name a few…
friends all over the world…

but always come back here to the ZEN and the NOISE 
all at ONCE!
Zen and Noise …the city of Tokyo
I’m slightly infatuated… no I am passionately in LOVE! 

I am forever indebted to many, but for this PASSION, for this LOVE,
for the guidance, but also confusion of course…

In my head right now I hear MUCC lyrics…

FUZZ by MUCC lyrics




東京 コイントス ダイブ
東京 コイントス ダイブ
愛しい恋人よ 抱きしめさせてくれよ

悲しい位人間で 自分勝手。

制御不可能な位 恋に落ちてさよなら

東京 コイントス ダイブ
東京 コイントス ダイブ
愛しい恋人よ ここから さぁ、飛び込もう

an English translation

Listening to you sing quietly to yourself i was overhelmed with love
And held your hand while we waited on the subway platform
Why don’t you sing that song for me once more
My sweet and happy songbird

This day will turn into tomorrow
So why don’t we keep it as a memory
We’ve only just parted but i already miss you
This time I’ve fallen deep
You are not with me now

Is it the seasons that change?
Or is it our hearts?

Tokyo, Toss of a coin, Dive
Before my heart works out which one is the answer
Tokyo, Toss of a coin, Dive
Sweetie, let me hold you

There will come a day when it’s as clear as the sky
Water turns to cloud, sky turns to wind, and i turn to thoughts of you
I’m so humane it’s pitiful, and so selfish too
And then

I fall in love so much i loose all self-control, and it’s goodbye
This planet revolves on encounters and separations
An unexpected reunion would be a joy
The heartbeat that was wrung out

Tokyo, Toss of a coin, Dive
It was you who knocked on the rusted doors of my heart, wasn’t it?
Tokyo, Toss of a coin, Dive
Sweetie, come to me and dive on in

We’ve fallen in love