50000 and I

Time for me to join the crowds – 50 THOUSAND people and I,
heading to the SAME train station
All going to Ajinomoto Stadium to see L’Arc~en~Ciel!
This another one of those times when I’m proud of myself:
I did this without speaking Japanese!
Totally oblivious to the train system in Japan, I made it all by myself to this concert,
in the heavy rain with all these people!!
One memory will be extra-special –
I had to change from a rapid train to a local train at Chofu station.
Once there, with zillion of people, I didn’t know which platform to take.
A young miyavi-look-alike, pulls my hair gently from behind and gestures to me to tag along!
Not word of English, but he understood when he overheard when I asked some people of what train to take to Ajinomoto and Laruku.
What a guy! So here goes a big THANK YOU to the rocker in fuzzy vest and
Miyavi inspired cap. I did ask if he knew about 雅 Miyavi and his whole face turned into a big smile!
I wish I had dared to take a picture of this delightful rocker!