This is DIE

This is DIE-さん , or @pukapyu as he is on twitter for those of you who like to follow him there.

Close up from KISS THE WORLD  April 21, 2012 at 八王子X.Y.Z.→A
DIE is a laughing, smiling, fun incredibly good keyboardist.  
Besides Solo work on Piano/Key board he is currently involved in Ra:IN and as here in Kiss the World
You can read more about him on his site
His incredible biography is too long for me to cite here but you can read it here:
and more about Kiss the World here:
DIE laughs on stage, climbs like monkey and is just incredibly wired and fun on stage!
A list of the very best Japanese musicians and entertainers must include DIE-さん
I’m very grateful  to hide, the Pink Spider , thru whom I got to know about Spread Beaver (DIE played Keyboard)