Shakuhachi 尺八

The Shakuhachi

Kubota-san playing and she was really able to make sounds in this instrument!
Way to go Kubota-san!! ♪♫Let me tell you it’s really tricky. I had a little problem with getting enough air out and became very dizzy after only a little blowing
(I wouldn’t call my version of “Mary had a little lamb” for playing shakuhachi ha ha ha)

Daisuke holds this workshops once a month and for more information about them you can go to his homepage:

The evening started with a presentation about the instruments, the koto and the  shakuhachi. The history, but also a well done overview of the taxonomy of instruments and similar traditional instruments around the world!

Then we got to try ourselves to blow and to play “Mary had a little lamb”

After this the wonderful trio hanafugetsu performed in different constellations and music genres.
This is something I highly recommend as an activity if you are here visiting Tokyo, or if you live here but never got your hands on a Shakuhachi, let alone an instructor!