the Recap continued

The recap continued….

Urawa Narciss –  浦和ナルシス
Little did I then know that this place, and the band ‘Vagu*Project’ would instigate in me new ideas and a creativity I haven’t felt in a good while.

hide’s ‘plan’…. the Pink Spider Web plan started to form and I was actually already a good portion along the path… I just wasn’t aware of what I had already produced (this blog) and that my insights and knowledge of Japanese music and culture , combined with my prior career experiences, would lead to me becoming an avid LIVE gig attendee.


In December I started the  Vagu*Project unofficial Fan club on Facebook which can be found here: 

This was right after I got back from X-Japan S E Asia our Lives

Which is coming up in this recap above here shortly

but first why not look at a video…..