The past 3 months – Traveling part 1

These next coming blogs will be a tad bit out of the ordinary path and probably carry some resemblance with the old Pink Spider Web Tumblr blog
They will portray some of the Pink Spider Travels and less of regular music content, however definitely always closely connected with the core idea of The Pink Spider Web →
spinning a pink silk thread around the globe, connecting people through music.


June 29th was one very happy, but also heart breaking day. After a session and meeting with 湾岸の羊 Wangan Sheep in the recording studio, Pink Spider Web friends arranged a lovely good bye party at BLACK.

This is a favorite hang out, and DJ SAJIさん always plays good music. However, it’s always a bit heart breaking to leave friends for an extended journey. This time it was time to first head to USA.
Pink spider…
The sky is calling….
ピンクスパイダ 空は呼んでいる



Arrived at LAX…



…and continued after passing customs immediately to Albuquerque, New Mexico.


Anna spent a month in USA. Most days were spent learning different kinds of video editors, putting strategy together for this web portal,but also spending time with family and friends as well as some necessary health check-ups and a minor surgery.



The heat is drier in the desert South West of the US. Often working with the iPad sitting with a cup of coffee on the balcony staying
connected with the world….
That is one feeling that, ever since the Pink Spider Web project started, has been amazing, and especially during some difficult times at the hospital,
the feeling of being connected with the world… at all times… and all places…

Next stop… arrived in for a brief stop in Toronto, Canada July 31
So far so good and coming up:
the adventures and music scene in London, UK and visiting Sweden…

Toronto July 31, 2013