No Brains

The only little problem I had was that once in the hotel room the lights were out. First thought – whoa rolling black outs out here?
Then maybe it’s just these bulbs that are out because I did have current in the wall outlet when plugging in the phone to charge.
I decided to open up the curtains and sit down for a while before dealing with the lights.
I wanted to read up on the sightseeing for tomorrow.
Looking at the desk I found this informative paper,  and recalled I had seen that tiny orange thing in the wall somewhere.
I had no idea what it says and I did NOT connect the dots after traveling ha ha
but I decided to go over with my key and stick the key ring in the wall because that is what that person on the photo is doing.
My thought was that it was some kind of security system for the door, but I was truly CLUELESS ha ha
and believe me when I say I laughed out LOUD when all the lights suddenly went on in the room ha ha ha
What a smart way to make sure one turn off the lights when leaving!!