The hotel “Toko CIty” had an entrance close to the bus station,
and rather big one too,
BUT when you enter the doors there is NO reception.
I was actually already aware of the trick because I had read up in my guide book that it is located on the second floor in the building.

So I took the elevator up to 2nd floor, but no not there either ..Huh?
so I went down again.
Not a sign in English or even romaji.
I went back in to the elevator and guessed maybe basement…
Nope only the usual restaurants in the basement floors.
Not a soul to ask… So I went back in elevator… 3rd, 4th…5th??
I found it in the end. TOP Floor! duh… ha ha ha
Anyway if you ever consider staying at TOKO City Hotel in Matsumoto,
just make sure you either can read Japanese or know which floor the reception is on nowadays. 😛