The Emptiness
After emptying everything, I had this great opportunity to carefully select and reevaluate everything I filled my life with once again.
Somehow objects have a tendency to sneak up on you,
and then stick even long after they fill any kind of function,
emotional, practical or rational…. doesn’t seem to matter.
I recall my mom coming up to visit and she totally dropped her jaw, flabbergasted and speechless.
I kind of knew that I once again had broken off with conforming, with social norms, or what is supposedly politically correct,
and I interrupted her before she had a chance to say anything.
“Don’t worry mom, I will fill it with things again! I just want to be sure WHAT I fill my life with and audit how I prioritize in life”
My mother shook her head and said:
” No no no, that is not what’s wrong”
She pointed at the very large window.
Since I lived on bottom floor this very large window faced the street and outside people were walking on the sidewalk. Mostly students going to and from class at Uppsala University.
“Then  what’s wrong?” I asked.
She was almost shaking when she answered and pointed
” THAT!….. Anna, that!!  You have NO curtains!! People can see in here and observe everything you do! Don’t you have any sense of integrity, or at least PRIVACY?”
Integrity … privacy…. I still think about what we humans value, and why. Who values what and for what reason?