Trees are there showing you TIME so you can measure it,
holding on to something that seems PERMANENT…
you know like seasons! ha ha ha ever changing yet permanent.


Leaves turning YELLOW and RED…

Phew it’s such a relief that after the leaves fall off, there will be a winter,
and when that is gone and done with,
the SPRING and SAKURA will blossom again...

HOPE arises that nothing is in fact wrong,
That my LOVE and my LIFE is REAL, and  my feelings,
as long as they are good and supportive,
are REAL too,
just as I am and my life is…
as I am real, and Oh yes, of course, I will LIVE forever,


and damn it, to prove to you that it is real,
I take my kids to school,
I call my mother,
I take showers and brush my teeth,
I eat my lunch,
I go to work, so I can buy some good wine later this week, and enjoy that dinner and

that ECSTATIC moment that I yearn for EVERY DAY of my LIFE……