Thanks Zowie > It’s Sho

Thanks  @zowie_official

His name is Sho-san!!! Yes now I know…. 

found out through some googling and online research. Zowie Zowie Zowie was the name of the band he was playing with (I assume as a support bassist because on their myspace, OHP and youtube video, no bassist member is listed)

I found out via Fever’s OHP with links and from their Zowie Zowie Zowie’s OHP…

which wasn’t much help BUT it had their twitter linked and a myspace (where I could LISTEN and confirm that it was really the same band BEFORE sending a tweet to them)

They got back to me telling me his name is Sho…. end of story! LOL

and I promise dear readers…. I wont do this again!! This was an exception ok?! From now on I will behave again moahahahaha