Heavenly Corridors

Spheres are the FUTURE….
the Fuji TV フジテレビ   building…


Fuji Television Network, Inc. 株式会社フジテレビジョン
is a Japanese television station based in Odaiba.
The buildings were designed by Kenzo Tange and opened in 1997.
Apart from the architecture, it also has quite avantgarde
design inside with a futuristic feel.
Due to its sphere shape hanging/floating in the air,
the building quickly became a landmark in Tokyo.

fuji_tv_close up

The complex consists of buildings in concrete,
which are connected by pedestrian bridges called
“corridors of heaven,” and the seemingly ‘floating’ sphere,
100 meters in diameter, which houses a small observatory deck
open to the public.
From the observation deck one can see a fantastic view of Tokyo Bay,
and the Rainbow Bridge.