Matsue Loop Bus

So Matsue has this loop bus. It’s super easy, one just hops on, takes the bus ticket ;
[ that’s how most buses in Japan have the payment system. I will cover this in detail at another more practical info blog entry at a later date.]
and then you go as many stops on the circular loop as you like, and either pay 200¥ for that one time fare, or you buy a day pass for 500¥, which entitles you to unlimited travel on the loop for that whole DAY!
A lot of information is in English, for example the bus stops are announced in English displays, but not everything.
It’s fairly easy to figure out the system though.
I stayed at the Matsue New Urban Hotel, and they took care of my baggage after I checked out after breakfast, so then I could enjoy the day without having the hassle with going back to train station and lock my baggage up in a coin locker (that is an option though if you can’t have it stored at your hotel).