Keio, JR & Keikyū lines

So in Yokosuka one has to switch railroad company and start out on another station. Closest to me was the Shioiri station, which I had took take one station and there switch again to a line that would take me to the Miura Kaigan station.
Miura kaigan is the second from the bottom and as you can see the trains that pass Shioiri (black line) ends in Keikyū Kurihama. The red line that also passes through Shioiri AND Miura kaigan are not frequent enough, so in reality, one must switch trains!
I bet by now you are as train hopped in the head as I felt ha ha
(If one is not wishing to make the stop in Yokosuka it IS possible to go from Yokohama on Keikyū line to Miura Kaigan)
This is how I did it due to stop at the hotel in Yokosuka.
1. Keio Line Bubaigawara  > Shinjuku
2. JR Line Shinjuku > Yokohama
3. Yokohama> Yokosuka
4. Walk to hotel
5,Keikyū line Shioiri stn > Yokosukachuo
6. Yokosukachuo > Miura kaigan