Random choice of food

So arriving at Shin-yamaguchi, I realized I did NOT plan my eating for the day in any intelligent and thoughtful kind of way. I had that black corn-flakes ice cream in Hakata
and now with a perfect 1 hour break between trains, I wasn’t really hungry, and yet I knew I probably needed to eat something, because the next rather long stretch is not with Shinkansen, hence no bowing, smiling ladies pushing snack carts for sale either!
I set out to buy some kind of sandwich, or something to eat, and everywhere I looked was only the kiosk-looking counters, selling their food snacks in bento looking boxes.
The boxes are all wrapped up though- meaning you remain clueless to their content, unless you read Kanji and kana. Well I don’t belong to the lucky kanji literate group, so I stood there and just did the – turn around your own axis, close your eyes and point at one item!
Index finger landed on this! I hoped it would contain some nutrition and that it would not be sweet, but more like food…