Since the news popped up in my feed

I know I have be stalling a bit with this blog, the closer I got to the last concert, and the departure from Japan, the more resistance I felt of blogging about it.
I have tons of ideas of blogs I want to put up as post-japan articles,
like the DOs and DON’Ts in Japan or with the JR Pass,
or best hotels I stayed at, or pack lists etc….
and the longer I wait, I’m worried it might fade into gray.
One of the first tweets I read when I got back from the gym today, came in from Tokyo hive and it was a link to a short article about Takanori Nishikawa 西川 貴教 and his T.M.
It all hit me, I must blog now, I cannot drag everything in life and stall everything because of this. I need to pass beyond this moment in my life the JUNE 4th, 2011 date has grown out of proportion.
Here is the article btw if anyone wants to read it…

(An update as of March 2013  because of the content of the above article.. which never really was my intention to blog about.
They are no longer a couple according to this article )

My last weeks have been more concerned with my future, than with my past, and I have made so many new interesting connections both on Facebook,
on twitter, and In Real Life.
I have been caught in a state of limbo on some days,
others I have felt like I have been walking in a swamp, just stuck,
but a few nights I have actually accomplished something beneficial
(or so I like to believe) for my future.
I have applied for a job in Japan, I have researched tons of different Guest House options, found and continued to check out every single one of their housing options. I have asked people I know in/from Tokyo, like Toshi-san and Emiko-san about which area to choose, and I have actually managed to get myself over to the Uni bookstore and get the books for Japanese 101-202.
I figured I might as well get all 4 semesters down before leaving ha ha ha
Of course I’m joking!! I hope to leave in about 7 weeks! The reasons to me mostly being efficient at night is because it has been the soaring temperatures that makes my brain matter truly like gray jelly stuff
and not really connecting fast enough, but instead rather drowsy.
Let’s see where I took of with the photos and videos so I can get back on track and finish the trip I did once and for all!