Yamanote Line and Asakusa

Since I was back in Tokyo, I decided it was time to be a ‘REAL’ tourist,
and do something real tourists do, so I decided to head to Senso-ji, the famous temple in Asakusa.



In order to get there I needed to take the circle train line called the Yamanote line, pretty much to the other side of the circle.
One can take the Yamanote in both directions (clockwise or counter-clockwise).
The Yamanote line is super easy to take, and if you have the JR pass your pass is valid on the line!
Stations are well marked, clearly announced and visually described
(a dynamic animated map above each set of doors!) in English as well as Japanese!
Way to go Japan!!
If you want to get closer, and walk less, to Senso-ji, you’d need to use Tokyo Metro.