6:30 am at the Shrine 01.01.2012


Since I live not far from the Meiji shrine and Yoyogi Koen, we went
straight there from the party in Shimokitazawa, or well almost,
Luckily I still had my brains somewhat connected, so I went up and
changed to a warmer jacket, because the alcohol would most certainly
soon wear off…
Problem was that upon leaving my place, I was still too wired to be able
to think, so we totally took the wrong path and in the park ended up
walking around the whole thing… 1,5 rounds because ….
because I was still wired and happy and needed to calm down
before we came to the shrine I think, and yes maybe also sober up a bit.
Poor Phoe-Lo, I admire her for her patience with me!
I do know she had a fun night too though…
it WAS a super, amazing, wonderful,
New Year’s Eve it really was…
and here we are at the shrine around 6.30 am