Shopping – today I had a day with nothing going on,
and Apple global support isn’t open until Monday (tomorrow) morning,
so I set out to do some much needed domestic shopping 😛
Primarily, I was thinking of buying HANGERS,
because the ones I got here are lousy and weak,
and I definitely need more than 5 hangers ha ha
I’ve heard of “100yen shops” and figured it to be a good place to start,
as I really don’t want to spend too much money for getting stuff
that I don’t know how long I can keep.
I googled to see where in Shinjuku to find such stores,
and found an excellent article about 100 yen shops:

So I figured why not go somewhere I haven’t been??
Tokyo is big and I haven’t really seen THAT much yet at all!
When I visited Japan in the spring this year, I spent almost
all the time everywhere else but in Tokyo
I figured I’ll take the local Odakyu line all the way to Machida station,
that way I get to see some along the way.
Machida is at the outskirts in South-Western Tokyo metropolitan area.
It took almost an hour to go all the way out there by the local train
( which stops at all stations).
When I got down there, Yuka called me and asked what I was up to.
She has a good train connection from Hachioji,
so she decided to come down to be with me.
That was actually my luck, because I could not find the supposedly
HUGE “100 yen shop” . Yuka asked around and found it.
So Now look at these bargains!
I got all these items for my tiny home: 2 rice bowls, 2 udon bowls,
soy sauce plate, flash cards, metal sheet for the toaster oven,
a purse towel, a cutting knife, Hello Kitty food storage clips and
Saran wrap!! ALL for about 12 USD / 1300 yen!!
Beat that!! The bowls are ceramic, NOT plastic!!
The knife is really sharp, sturdy quality and made in Japan!
Yuka is really a blessing and a really sweet girl!
But of course since I taught Yuka essential American vernacular acronyms; she now knows what FML means….
Of course I got back home without hangers!
ha ha ha Oh well it’s another day tomorrow!