Shinjuku Imperial Garden

Shinjuku Imperial Garden
Shinjuku Gyoen – 新宿御苑

I thought maybe I should show a little bit of my surroundings again?

Yesterday, I needed to go and get some note pads and stuff at
the book store.
My Japanese friend Shingo wanted to tag along with me,
and after a visit to the humongous stationary store Sekaido
(links below)
We went for a walk in the park. It is I who insist on these outings,
because I feel that fresh air and walking aids in the learning process
and it’s definitely something MY BODY needs.
We then can discuss different topics in English, like what we see,
and experience, which I believe is really helpful for his understanding.
When we first met each other again after my re-entry to Japan
about a month ago, he spoke some English, but wow this guy
has picked up a lot of words since.
He is just amazing, I say something once and he remembers it.
Not just words, but he also put an effort in applying
what expressions he has learned with me,
and uses them for days after!
For example the other day he learned the expression,
”-You probably already know about this, but….. “
and yesterday he used it several times when talking with me.
We were talking about how it is to walk in different cities across the world, and
Let me tell you..
…. I LOVE walking in Tokyo!

Links to Sekaido which is a MUST visit when you visit or live
in Tokyo.