LOUD mind

Seeing people pouring out from the morning commuter trains made me think about the world we live in. Last year I was in Vanuatu, they don’t have commuter trains …
They don’t even have trains! They have no rush hours either…
One thing that becomes rather apparent also, when traveling alone, in a place where you are clueless as to what people say, what signs say, what media around you says …
Is that when you don’t communicate with anyone, for days, your thoughts become incredibly LOUD!
Seeing all these people (well not too many in this particular photo, they came in waves),
my mind observed : only Japanese people , and this is
Nagasaki – The port to the outside world?!
No black, no brown, no white, no purple or pink people ..
No women in hijab, or in sari, or in salwar kameez..
Japan, as far as I have seen, which I admit is very limited, but including some major cities, is extremely homogenous –
Japanese only!
I guess Tokyo will be different, but I must say this is probably my biggest surprise coming here! I would have pictured this in my head for China .. Eh like some 40 years ago!!
Or Japan way way back when , but now 2011?
Can they really be that self-sufficient, or is this part of the clue why Japan’s economy had flattened off during the last decades? No influences from abroad…
I have more thoughts in my mind that pops up now, when I have no one else to talk to but myself.