In the Open

Second evening and I got a seat on the open arena floor.
I still had no rain coat and I have been through a lot of storms in my life,
but NOTHING like this!!!  I mean .. I have never been so stupid as being outdoors in something like this, let alone without any protective gear.
Between 5 and 9.30 pm I was standing out in the open,
under a raging typhoon down pour!
In the end there was a good 8 inch ( 20 cm) water accumulation,
so everyone’s shoes were beyond soaked!
No rain coats helped there .
Umbrellas were not allowed.
In the end they emptied the stadium by sections and my section was Last!
But at that point it didn’t really matter though ha ha
I had my little fabric purse in a plastic bag and yet when I got back to Jonathan and Ami
at night, all the contents were soaked and some papers in my purse had even dissolved!
I dried money with paper towel, and my pass port with a hair dryer!!
My rail pass got so damaged I had to scotch tape it back together!
(Many months later in September this year I got caught in an even stronger typhoon)