Lucky Day with Problems

Ok so first the juice pack broke this morning. It’s tough but I can handle it.
Then I barely got here when I receive a text message from AT&T – no more data traffic. Wtf!!
” We will shut you off unless you contact us ” (well they said it somewhat ‘nicer’ and more elaborated).
Either way it’s NOT ok (>_<)
I need to stay connected!!!!
I need to stay in touch with people, I need to have access to the GPS!!!
in order not to get really lost,
and I need to book rooms and find out stuff along the way!
And bottom line is, I need to be able to communicate with the world outside the Japanese bubble!!!
So I called AT&T wireless global services immediately, only for them to tell me that the system is down so no they couldn’t help me right now but promised to call me. Gaaaaah!

The hotel, who had promised Wi-Fi when I made the reservation, said:
sorry no Wi-Fi but we have ONE computer in the lobby for guests to use.
Same issues as always though : it’s set up in Japanese, so for example logging on to Facebook is an absolute “forget it” because….
You get those questions like : Welcome to Facebook. First some security questions since you are logging on from a new place !
ONLY problem is…. The questions are in Japanese (and there is no Google Chrome so no translation)
so NO way I can log onto FB from it. Ok now what???
I decided to make some scheduling anyway, and send a few emails from that public computer and then head out to dinner.
A full specialty Nagasaki dinner later, I decided to take a walk on town…
It was getting dark, but I decided to first run up to the room really quick and drop off maps and papers. ( the hotel receptionist had helped me book another night in Osaka and gave me. City map) so quick up and then suddenly the phone lights up – ” Do you want connect to our Wi-Fi network? ” OMG … But …
.. well I have seen it before, local people and businesses have Wi-Fi of course,
and it doesn’t mean anything more than I get a list of password protected networks BUT
When I checked and clicked … It’s connecting!!!! So tadaaa
here I am 🙂
I will upload photos and update blog and hope that this Wi-Fi will last me during my time here!!!
Right now it’s Sunday evening in Nagasaki.
I have a gorgeous view over the harbor area, and all because my room wasn’t ready when they took me up here so to compensate for their shortcomings I got upgraded!
Guess looking at life from a brighter side, I got pretty lucky today too.
First class train all the way from Okayama to Nagasaki for free, and then a room upgrade with a view and a balcony and in the end at least some time connected online.
Now let’s hope it will last while I’m here, even if I leave my room.