Pink Spider Lyrics (English)

Pink Spider…
You wrap yourself in needles and threads of lies
A small world You thought it was everything
You hurt anything that comes near
You thought the sky was a square

“this is it… this’s all there is, isn’t it?”,
You said That’s a lie too

Wildly decorated your patterns look lonely
The paradise bird unusually came over to talk

“Steal that butterfly’s wings and come over here”
“Everything’s to your desire on the other side”

PINK SPIDER “I wanna go there”
PINK SPIDER “I wish I had wings…”

Ignoring the captured butterfly’s desperate plea
You glare at the sky
“I didn’t hurt because I hated,
I didn’t have wings
And the sky was too high”

“You should use my wings, SPIDER
You don’t know the pain of endless flight
And maybe you’ll realize one day,
That you were only flying in the palms of someone else
And even dared to call that freedom.”

Couldn’t fly with borrowed wings
You fall straight down head first

PINK SPIDER “It’s no good”
PINK SPIDER “But I can see the sky…”
PINK SPIDER “It’s a failure”
PINK SPIDER “I wish I had wings…”

Beyond that barely visible sky
Birds heading south
“Let’s fly once again Cutting down these threads
This time with one’s own JET
When that cloud passes…”

PINK SPIDER The sky is calling

A pink spider flows across the sky….