The Pink Spider Web Summer Party


Thank You everyone for making this a fantastic night!

This was a private party, so not a public gig with rehearsals etc…
it was a bunch of people coming together for the love of
Music, Partying and LIFE!



BUT more Pink Spider Web Productions are coming…

Se you all the first public members’ event – “一緒にTogether” this autumn!
For more information check:


“一緒にTogether”  – across culture, language, nations, borders….



“一緒にTogether”  – for the love of Music, Art, and Life….


From left: Reds☆ (Vo.AURA / Gu. 湾岸の羊 Wangan Sheep) ;
Kiku Maru (Vo. Slave Sisters) and Yuki (Gu. Slave Sisters)


“一緒にTogether”  Musician to Musician connecting




RyoTa (Ba. Omega Dripp / Ba. 湾岸の羊 Wangan Sheep) and
Yusuke (Dr. Lapis Van Chord / New Babylonians )

Special THANKS to
Live, Rock, Bar Bandwagon

…and for the spontaneous performing and jamming:
Ishii, Reds☆, KoREDS, Kyassy, RyoTa,
Yuki, Kiku Maru, Daniel, Taka, Yusuke,
Katsushiro”勝城”Satou, Ryosuke, Kihchi…

who participated in the party!


Here’s a video with clips from performances and jamming during the night….
There are also more videos at the YouTube Channel from the evening with the full songs




Have you seen the Tokyo venue list?
With Maps, info & Links?



도꾜 재판장소에 대한 지도와 정보 그리고 관년된 웹싸이트를 본적이 있느냐?

Вы уже видели список концертных мест Токио?
С картами, информацией и ссылками?

Har du sett listan med Live houses och musikbarer i Tokyo?
Här finns kartor, information och länkar…

Avez vous regardé la liste des lieux à Tokyo?
Avec la carte, les infos et les liens?

Hast du die Liste mit den Veranstaltungsorten in Tokio gesehen?
Mit Karte, Infos und Links?