Time to Dye

PINK Spider hair dying time….

This is the before photo. Usually forget to do those.
Maybe it’s because one really don’t like to do “before-photos”
for obvious reasons ha ha
Faded color, ugly roots, no make up and generally a pale tired look

And for those of you who, like me, who live in Tokyo and always
wondered where to go and get the hair dye here, let me tell you
that I am very grateful for the wonderful network I have!

Thanks to Laura in CA who saw my cry out for help on twitter;
I was able to get my Manic Panic dye very conveniently in Tokyo.
She helped me through a tweet where she “mentioned”
a Tokyo artist who kindly replied to me. I was actually so close by
the whole time! It was super easy to find,
IF you only KNOW where to GO!! I
I got the dye at Okadaya store, Shinjuku station East side.
I will put up a map next!