Phew that was cutting it close!!
So far this day hasn’t really gone my way!
First a phone call that woke me up at 4.30 am !! on my first possible sleep-in morning!
Then another call at 7!!
More whine to come… The hotel room key got demagnetized and it took 45 minutes and three more sets of keys before i could get back in the room!
Once there the toiled backed up !!! And well it ain’t over yet….
after checking in and going though security I found out the terminal is under construction!!
No stores, just a lousy fast food sandwich place that sold cheese melts and similar bad junk.
And absolutely no electronics stores for buying any kind of charger!!!!
A nice security office saw my despair and was possibly intrigued by my hair color and told me to head over to a korean cell phone rental desk- so I did !
Walking the whole way back there only to find it being closed today with a sign in korean possibly informing people what to do.
My Korean reading skills isn’t really up for such a challenge, so I was almost about to give up and see this whole blog idea going up in smokes- no phone = no blog!
When out of nowhere and older man in some kind of airport uniform told me in broken English to call the number below the Korean characters , so I did .
Finally my luck turned around, a guy answered he was at the other wing but would jog over and help me.
Soooo relieved now I have the charger and the phone and juice pak is charging just fine!
Also actually found a cup of fresh fruits at that lousy sandwich place.
All well now! 1 hr left to boarding \(^o^)/