Shimbashi Station History

OUT and about in TOKYO

To my delight my friend was in a good mood today
He actually always is!!
He suggested we should go to Odaiba today.
So we headed out
First a stop at Shimbashi and a walk by Chiyoda
and the Japanese Diet buildings…
Tokyo offered BLUE skies and cooler weather.

Of course I brought my iPhone along and here are some
videos and photos from the afternoon and evening in Tokyo.
For those of you that know me by now, there should be
no surprise that I start with MOVING WATER…

Shimbashi Station 新橋駅 is located in Minato Ward of Tokyo.
The station is a very busy station, because it’s a major interchange point
for many train lines. It serves the JR Keihin-Tohoku,
Tokaido Main Line, Yamanote, and Yokosuka Lines as well as
the Tokyo Metro Ginza Line; Toei Asakusa Line;
and the Yurakamome Line.

The present day Shimbashi Station was opened in 1909 as
Karasumori Station, and in 1914 was renamed Shimbashi.
The original Shimbashi Station, which was opened in 1872,
was located to the east of the present day Shimbashi Station.
It was from here that the first train in Japan made its first run from
Tokyo to Yokohama in 1872.
This was also the original terminal of Japan’s first stretch of railway
and one of Japan’s oldest stations.
In 1914, the original Shimbashi Station was demolished to
make way for the new Shimbashi on another location,
and a goods yard, Shiodome Station, was made on this site.
To commemorate the historical significance of the station,
a 1945 steam locomotive has been placed in the square in
front of Shimbashi Station.